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1.Way to use Aputure A.lav with recorder

Way to use Aputure A.lav with  Smartphone & Camera

2. What kind of power can be used ?

The A.lav is powered by Built-in Battery.

3. How long can it be used when powered by battery ?

Over 200 hours.

4. How do you monitor sound using this product?

The A.Lav requires additional software from your cellphone/computer to support this function. Most recording apps such as 4Track or Apogee will have this function. Once you download these apps, turn on the monitoring function within the software and then plug in the earphone to monitor port. If you don't use software, the headphone jack on the A.Lav will not work. If you use the A.Lav is used with a cameras/recorders, the function of audio monitoring will disabled and cannot be used.

5. What does the indicator light mean?

*When charging: Red: The A.lav is charging. No light: The battery of the A.Lav is full charged.
*When in use: Green: The A.Lav is on and working. No light: The battery of the A.Lav is exhausted. Please charging it.

6. I'm not capturing any audio? What's wrong?

*Please check the adapter cable you're using.We suggest you read the "Product Manaul book" before you using the A.Lav. You can get details of your adapter cable in the manaul book.
*Some recording software require that you open the recording software first before connecting the A.Lav to the phone or tablet to record.
*The A.lav is compatible with IOS systems and most Android phones and tablets. However for some Android phones will be incompatible (for example: the Huawei Honor 6, Mate 7, P8, Sony Z3 etc.) are not compatible.

7. No audio comes out when recording video.

If you are using Android smartphone, you can't get the audio when recording video. The Built-in mic will be used when Android smartphones recording the video. Unless you use "cinema FV-5", and then turn on the "External mic" in the setting.
If you are using Iphone, please check the setting of recording app.