Amaran AL-M9 FAQ

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1. What power can be used ?

It is powered by Built-in lithium battery.

2.How long can AL-M9 be used when it is at 100% output ?
About 1.5 hours.

3. Charging details

*Normal USB charging adapter. Such as : 5V 500mA . 5V 1A. 5V2A.
*USB port of Computer\laptop and so no.
*It will spend 4.5 hours for full charge when using Normal USB charging adapter(5V1A).

4.What’s the mean of indicator light ?

*When using: Blue light:It is working and every thing is ok.
                       Red light and flashing:The battery is going to dead.
When charging: Red light: It is charging.
                           No light: Full charge.

5.What color temperature of filter ?

CTO: 3400k;
CTB: 8800k.