Amaran AL-H160 FAQ

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1. What power can be used?

It can be powered by Six AA batteries or Lithium Battery.The battery includes: Sony NP-F series.NP-F550/F570F770/F960/F970; NP-FM/QM series :FM50/FM51/FM55H/FM500H/QM50/QM51/QM71D/QM91D; NP-FP/FH/FV series: NPFP50/FP60/FP70/FP90/FH50/FH60/FH70/FH90/FH100/FV50/FV60/FV70/FV100
*Please do not mix lithium battery with AA batteries to avoid serious injury or damage from explosion. Leaking or cause firing and even death.

2. How long can be used when the light is 100% output?

It is depends on the capacity of battery.Such as NP-F550, AL-H198: 2200mAh / 2200mA ≈ 1 hour; AL-H198C:2200mAh / 1000mA ≈2.2 hours; AL-H160:2200mAh / 2000mA ≈1.1 hours.
AL-H528S&W:about 4 hours;AL-H528C:about 8 hours.