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1. What kind of power can be used ?

It is powered by Built-in Battery.

2. How long can it be used for on one charge?

Based on fully charged Li-ion battery, a Canon EF 24-70MM/2.8L II USM and CIPA testing standards.
Adapter : ≤ 5 hours;
Grip : ≤ 48 hours;

3. How to control the DEC?

*Please use any normal USB charging adapter. Such as: 5V 500mA . 5V 1A. 5V2A.
*Plug this into the USB port of you Computer\laptop or power outlet with USB adapter.
*Adapter: It will take 1 hour for a full charge when using Normal USB charging adapter(5V1A).
*Grip: It will spend 2.5 hours for a full charge when using Normal USB charging adapter(5V1A).

4.What is the difference between DEC LensAdapter and DEC LensRegain?

The DEC Lens Adapter can only control focus and aperture of the lenses that are mounted onto it. There is no speedbooster in the DEC LensAdapter.

5. Can I use a third-party lens?

We suggest you use Canon lenses to get better performance, but many unlisted third-party lenses may work.

6. Why doesn't my camera body display aperture?

When the DEC is attached, it is totally controlling the lens that is attached on the adapter. Because of this it doesn't communicate lens data with the camera body. That's why the parameters coming from lens will also not be displayed on the camera. And because of this, some cameras need to be set in "Release Without Lens Enabled" mode. For example, using a GH4 with the DEC, you have to set the camera to "Custom->Shoot w/o lens->ON"

7. The OLED screen doesn't show any display information after I turn on the adapter or during charging.

If this occurs, please contact Aputure Customer Service (cs@aputure.com) Or try contacting your dealer to get additional support.

8. I can't turn on the grip or adapter, what can I do?

The batteries inside the grip or adapter have self-protection; please charge the grip and adapter by connecting to a USB cable attached to an AC adapter (5V 1A). The OLED screen will light on during charging. If the battery is unable to be charged, please contact Aputure Customer Service (cs@aputure.com) to get tech support.

9. The aperture displays \"F--\" after attaching lens.

Please first turn off all the power of the devices, then detach the lens and clean the electrical contacts on the lens before reattaching.

10. My lens stops responding when the adapter is on after replacing the lens .

*Please try waking up the lens by turning the Focus all the way to the minimum distance, then all the way to infinity. The lens will wake up automatically.
*Please reboot the adapter (control box).

11.The Start/Stop recording function is not giving a response.

*Please use the remote cable. The details are on page of 6 of the product manual. Please make sure you're using the right cable and install it in the right place. If you use the SONY A7 series, please use the LANC cable and L2MC cable at the same time.
*Please turn on the “without lens mode”of your camera if it is need.
*Please try to charge for the adater (control box) using the remote cable to see if the connection is ok.

12.Can I use two or more DEC in a small room?

Yes,you can. Do not worry signal interference.