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1. How to power the light?

1.AC/DC Power Adapter.
2.Removable Battery. Sony NP-F970.

2. Can mix use the AC/DC adapter between  AL-H528 and HR672?

No. The voltage of HR672 is 15v, but the AL-H528 is 18v.

3.How long can be used when powered by battery?

It can be use about 2 hours when using fully charged NP-F970 batteries.

4. Can the lights charge for the battery ?

Yes,it can charge for single or two batteries. It will spend 8 to 9 hours for full charge when charge NP-F970 batteries.

5. Which power will be used when install battery and AC/DC adapter at the same time?

AC/DC power adapter

6.How to change the brightness or CCT ?

1.Rotating the Brightness or CCT wheel on the back of the light. 2.Controller (remote)

7. Can I mix use the AC/DC adapter of these lights ?

Please check the details of the AC/DC adapter. If they are the same,you can do it.

8. The type of battery in remote


9. How to use Lithium Battery of Aputure Amaran HR672?