V-Mic D2 FAQ

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1. What kind of power can be used ?

Two AAA batteries (1.5V).

2. How long can it be used when powered by battery ?
Over 100 hours with normal use (Depends on what batteies you use.)

3. How to charge it?

No live monitoring available.

4. What does the indicator light mean?

*Power Indicator Light:
*Green: The D2 Mic is working.
*Red: The battery of the D2 is almost exhausted. Please change the batteries.

5. I'm not capturing any audio? What's wrong?

*Please make sure the signal cable and audio cable is installed.

6. The AF peak LED indicator (over) is always lit up.

*Please change the PRE-CAL switch to the “ stop ”position.
*Please turn down the sensitivity by the sensitivity wheel.
*Please contact your dealer or Aputure customer service.

7. How to adjust the sensitivity of Aputure V-Mic D2?