DEC LensRegain update

DEC LensRegain

Version:V1.4 (2017/12/23)


1. Supports the IS(Image Stabilizer) of some lenses.

System requirement:

Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Win 10

Update instructions:

Step 1

Extract the downloaded documents, DEC LenRegain Update into any directory. And you'll see "Aputure DEC LensRegain Firmware Upgrade","Driver", and "DEC_LensRegain_Update_v1.3".

Firmware Upgrade Download

Step 2

Double click “Aputure DEC One Firmware Upgrade”. Following window will pop out.

Pull the power switch of DEC adapter to OFF. And connect the adapter and computer with USB cable.

The first time you use the computer to upgrade DEC, Windows will require you to install the driver.

*If you haven’t installed the driver before, the window of “Found New Hardware Wizard” will pop out as soon as you connect the adapter to computer.

* If you have installed the driver before, you can jump to step 4.

*If “Found New Hardware Wizard” has not come out on the condition that you haven’t installed the driver before, you shall try to install the USB driver manually.

*If you experience installation problems, you shall try to install the USB drivers manually

*If you need to install the USB drivers manually, please follow the steps below:

Open “Device Manager” as shown in the picture. And you may find a yellow exclamatory mark there where “STM32 DFU”. 

Right click the “STM32 DFU” and select update the driver. Then the window of “Found New Hardware Wizard” will come out.

As given, in the interface of “Found New Hardware Wizard”, choose “install from a list or specific location(Advanced)” , and then click “Next”

On the next screen, click “Includes this location in the search” and “Browse”. Please choose the directory where the Driver located. After clicking “Next”, the driver will be installed soon.

If the installment is completed, the following screen will be shown. And you shall click “Finish”.

After that, you can check in your Device Manager where you can see STM Device in DFU Mode.

*If the installation fails, please try to connect DEC to the other USB input of the computer.

Step 3

After the installing of driver, “Aputure DEC One Firmware Upgrade” will show the connection to Aputure DEC One

*If Aputure DEC One is not shown in the place where the red box located, please unplug the USB cable, and reconnect it again.

*Please keep the power switch of DEC adapter to OFF.

Click “Choose”, and choose “DEC_Update_v1.2.dfu”, which is in the DEC Update file.

Then, click “Open”.

Then, click “Upgrade”

Click “Yes”, then the upgrading will be started.

*Warning: Please keep the USB cable connected during the upgrading.

Step 4, upgrade successfully

The showing of following screen means the success of upgrade. If so, click “Quit”, and then you can unplug the USB cable.

*After upgrading, please turn off grip and adapter to re-pair: