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  • 1/2/4 Foot RGBWW LED Pixel Bar
  • 24/48/96 Individual Pixels (Lighting Zones)
  • Infinite Blending Design When Connecting Lights
  • 10 Splicing Connectors to Create Shapes and Designs
$299 - $6,350

MT Pro

1 Foot RGBWW Mini LED Pixel Tube


LS 1200d Pro

1200W Daylight Point Source LED


LS 600c Pro

600W RGBWW Point Source LED


LS 600x Pro

600W Bi-Color Point Source LED


LS 600d

600W Daylight-Balanced Point-Source LED


LS 300x

300W Bi-Color Point Source


LS 600d Pro

600W Daylight Point Source LED


NOVA P600c

600W RGBWW Point Source LED


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Pixel Tubes

  • 1/2/4 foot battery-powered pixel tubes for creators and filmmakers. Features 4/8/16 pixels, RGBWW color quality, Sidus Link app control, and no-hassle mounting solutions, allowing you to unleash new creative possibilities.
$139 - $838

amaran PT2c

2-foot Battery-powered Pixel Tube


amaran COB 60x S

60w Bi-color Bowens Mount Point-source Light


amaran 100d S

100w Daylight Bowens Mount Point-source Light


amaran 200x S

200W All-new Dual-blue Led Chipset Design


amaran F22c

200W Output 2’x2’ RGBWW Flexible LED Mat


amaran P60c

60W Output RGBWW Lensed LED Panel


amaran T4c

40W Output RGBWW LED Tube Light


amaran SM5c

20W Output 300 RGB Smart Pixel LED Strip Light


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  • The perfect solution for managing power
  • Supports both smart and non-smart batteries
  • 1.1” color screen provides all the information you need
  • Features Triple DC inputs and hot-swappable functions

TC-SL1 Timecode Slate

The First Bluetooth® Enabled Smart Slate


VO-7U - Black Edition

Dynamic USB microphone


W.Lav Pro (Black)

W.Lav Pro Lavalier


Deity S-Mic 2 Location Kit

12dB-A Self Noise