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Welcome to Aputure Support

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1. How to power it ?

It can be powered by two AA batteries.

2. The device doesn’t recognize when camera is connected.

*Make sure camera is compatible with V-Grip.
*Check USB cable is securely plugged into both V-Grip and camera.
*Adapter of DEC LensAdapter:about 5h;
*Restart the V-Grip if it shuts down automatically.

3. Camera displays error or is unresponsive.

*Make sure the batteries have power.
*Make sure the V-Grip is power on.
*Disconnect the camera from V-Grip and turn both off. Pull the battery from the camera and wait 10 seconds. Then replace. Reconnect the camera to V-Grip. Then turn the camera on. Followed by V-Grip.

4. Why can use VG-1 in the picture mode?

The VG-1 is designed for recording video.

5. Why I can adjust the setting of my camera? Such as shoot speed. Aperture, ISO.

It is limited by your camera. We suggest you read the maul of your camera.

6. Only the first LED indicator light lighting up whatever push any button of VG-1.

*Please change another USB cable.
*Try to connect the VG-1 to a computer to see if the computer recognizes VG-1.
*Try to connect the camera to a computer to see if the computer recognize camera.