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VS-5X update


Version: V 1.76 (2018.05.07)

1. 3D LUT Support 2. False Color Upgrade 3. Language Selection at Startup 4. Camera Mode Change and Remove Scan Mode 5. Fix some bugs

Download Firmware

Steps of using custom 3D Luts:

  • 1. Place your 3D Luts file (XXX.Cube) into your root file of your USB drive. Insert the USB drive into the monitor and turn the monitor on.
  • 2. Enter the monitor menu, select "Update Look (USB)" on the "Other Settings" menu, and press F2 or F3 to upload the custom 3D-LUT file.
  • 3. The 3D-LUT file will be updated, and the LUT file name will be displayed in the update proecss. When the update process is complete, it will read "success".
  • 4. In the menu "Color Setting", open the "Look switch" and select the installed 3D-LUT files when ready to use.
  • Note:

    1. Each 3D-LUT file can have a max file size of 7.9Mb, the VS-5X can support up to 8 custom 3D LUTs.
  • 2. The VS-5x supports the following LUT sizes: 16, 17, 32, 33, 65 in the format "XXX. Cube".
  • 3. Name your files only with English alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers).
  • 4. Make sure your USB drive is formatted to FAT32 or MS-DOS FAT.

    Instructions for Updating Firmware:
      • 1. Insert a USB drive into your computer and format it to FAT32 if using Windows or MS-DOS FAT if using Mac.
      • 2. Download the latest firmware file for the VS-5x and unzip the file.
      • 3. Place the VS-5X.bin file into the root file of your USB drive.
      • 4. Eject your USB drive into the VS-5x's USB port and turn on your monitor.
      • 5. Long press the Menu button and navigate to "Other Settings".
      • 6. Select Software Update (USB), press Menu, then Up/Down to begin the firmware upgrade.

    • 7. If the firmware upgrade is successful your monitor will restart and your firmware upgrade will be complete.
    • 8. After upgrading, long press the Menu key to enter the menu list, and then the upgraded version number(VX.X) will be at the bottom of the menu list.
    Troubleshooting Failed Updates:
    • 1. Ensure that your USB drive is properly formatted to FAT32 or MS-DOS FAT (NOT exFAT or NTFS).
    • 2. Ensure that no other file is on your USB drive besides the VS-5X.bin file.
    • 3. Ensure that your VS-5x has sufficient battery.
    • 4. Ensure that the software of your VS-5x has not been modified in any way.
    • 5. If you are still having trouble, send an e-mail to
    • 6. The U disk must ensure no virus.
    • 7. Do not disconnect the power or operation monitor during firmware update.
    • 8. Do not shake or unplug the USB disk during firmware update.

    Version: V 1.46(2017.10.26) 

    1. Update false color scale.