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Aputure Amaran Size meets Light Storm Durability: The Amaran Tri8

Aputure Amaran Size meets Light Storm Durability: The Amaran Tri8

Jessie Wu |

One of Aputure's most popular LED lights, also responsible for putting Aputure on the map in 2013 & 2014 was the Amaran 528 & 672 respectively. Ideally sized with better than expected output at an affordable "Aputure Price." In 2016 Aputure announced a new iteration to the Amaran series, The Aputure Amaran Tri8, an improvement in many areas of an already popular light system. Checkout a recent interview with Ted from the A-Team discussing our newest Amaran here:

Professional Grade Build Quality

Offering the same length and width as the Amaran 672, now with 216 more LED bulbs. This time they've added an aircraft-grade aluminum body much like the Aputure Light Storm LS 1, great for heat dissipation and strength. One new feature unlike the previous Amaran 528/672 or the Light Storm LS1s and LS1/2w is a PVC transparent shield over the LED bulbs. With this virtually bullet proof cover and extremely durable and dense aluminum housing, the Amaran Tri8 is a significant improvement in durability over the plastic body of the Amaran 528/672 design. Dropping this light or being knocked over on a stand is much less of a concern than before, this light is built to last.

More Secure Power Solution

A look at the back of the new Amaran Tri8 shows a perfect combination of the hard aluminum heat sink from the Light Storm LS1 series with the LED readout and battery mount from the Amaran 528/672. Powered by the same two Sony style NPF batteries as before, but with an even more secure connection. Another new improvement is a more secure AC power connection, with a place to mount the AC/DC inverter instead of hanging adding stress on the power cord. It is now possible to power the Amaran Tri8 with a secure a V-mount or Anton Bauer battery using a D-Tap connection in place of the inverter on back of the fixture. One more improvement added is an estimated time remaining on the battery power. No more guessing how much power is left. Asked on a simple 1-4 bars readout, now you can see down to the hours and minutes left before you need to change batteries or plug in AC power to recharge batteries while still using the light.


More Efficiency = More Output

Another characteristic borrowed from the Light Storm Series into the Amaran Tri8 is the tight honeycomb arrangement of the LED bulbs. This configuration allows for 216 more lights for a total of 888 LEDs in the same surface area as the Amaran 672, resulting in 25-30% more output luminance. So, that's more light output with the same 2 NPF batteries. With a TLCI/CRI of above 95, more quality light is always better. Not only does this configuration allow for more lights and output but also fewer multiple hard shadows typical of LEDs. It's not quite tight enough to be considered a single source light, like the tight micro configuration in the COB 120t, but it is a marked improvement from before. Backwards Compatible

Since the Amaran Tri8 is virtually the same size as the 528/672, the EZBox and grid are also compatible with this new light fixture. This also includes a growing list of third party soft box offerings that can work with the Amaran Tri8. Also, the same great 2.4Ghz remotes used on most of Aputure's lights are also compatible and comes included with the Amaran Tri8 If you already own the Amaran 528/672 series or even the Light Storm LS1-LS1/2, these upgrades in the Amaran Tri8 are plenty of reasons for adding to your kit. With 25-30% more power, better battery security, more power options and an extremely durable body, the Amaran Tri8 is an extremely versatile and durable solution for many lighting needs! For more info check out our website and social media channels for the latest videos and announcements.