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Aputure's DEC Lens Adapter Line Adds a Variable ND Filter System

Aputure's DEC Lens Adapter Line Adds a Variable ND Filter System

Anurag rahul |

Aputure Adds a 3rd DEC Lens Adapter in 18 Months

Aputure keeps making mirrorless/DSLR cameras more versatile with the DEC Lens Adapter line, now adding an electronic variable ND filter. This marks the third DEC Lens Adapter by Aputure in 18 months. This new version offers a Variable ND Filter from 3-stops (or ND 8) to 11-stops (or ND 2048), with minimal to no color shift. Just like so many new products released by Aputure in 2016, this product was developed based on the needs of their users and feedback from the Facebook user group.

Any built-in neutral density filter is a highly desirable function for a wide variety of shooters. Often times a shoot goes from outside to inside and to adjust for such a change in exposure can be inconvenient on smaller cameras like DSLRs and mirrorless systems. What made DSLRs/mirrorless cameras so appealing is shooting video with a large sensor allowing cinematic shallow depth of field. With the new DEC Vari-ND it's possible to shoot wide open with fast glass in daylight, with shallow depth of field with proper exposure as seen below.

Adding this feature to popular cameras like a Sony a7s II or Panasonic GH4, makes mirrorless cameras closer to being a more mobile and viable alternative to bigger camcorders that traditionally include built-in ND filters.

Just like all DEC lens adapter from Aputure, The DEC Vari-ND also makes it possible to use a growing list of full frame electronic EF lens with wireless follow focus, Iris control and remote start and stop through any camera with a lanc port comes standard. With a shoulder rig attaching the wireless control grip with all DEC Lens Adapters allows for game changing camera & lens control in one hand. Aputure has made affordable MFT & E-mount camera bodies much more feature rich, not seen outside of huge and expensive broadcast cameras or rigged up cinema camera systems.

The entire DEC Lens Adapter line has been a huge success, but users wanted optional lens control without the grip. Aputure listened and responded, now controlling the lens directly on the module is possible without the control grip.

In 2015 Aputure introduced a rig-free solution for wireless follow focus and iris control from a lens adapter. In 2016 it improved on an innovative concept by adding a speedbooster. Now for 2017 they've added a variable ND Filter in between the lens and sensor with little to no color shift or loss in sharpness. Aputure strives for digital creators to do more for less and the DEC Vari-ND is just the latest in a long line of amazing gear at affordable prices. During IBC 2016, Aputure was awarded Best In Show by voters on Cinema5D's blog. If that's any indication of how much interest The DEC Vari-ND will have when it's released, then this should be a hot item. Stay tuned for more details and release dates.